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However at this moment, sealed to more leave to say to come out, sealed a Ling but feel this sentence isn't oneselfs to imagine medium so, have no that felling.Although more leave is also smiling, see his look in the eyes is also so, however, seal a Ling but have a little disappointment.

Resume the summer of original shape crazy imitate a Buddha is frightened general, foolishly stand over there, a move also motionless.

"Like, none of you wants to be noisy again, if again don't set out, carefully and very the ice believes in of the person catch up!"

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren outlet coupons[/url] Passing by at this time is first of disorder, other several empty boats for escorting also all respond to come over, start facing in succession that light monster attack!

The gold in one side's being small to open absolutely is to think that oneself saw superman!Is too unimaginable!

After probing wave a green circumstance, the Hong elder generation starts having not noticed, but immediately on thinking, body not from some shiver, this is obviously the variation of a spirit alienation!

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"Chang Li, you hereafter more notice!Canning come to my self-discipline was already our great luck in the sky!"Hear assurance of Chang Li, worry China clapped to clap his shoulder and had already then started building to once continue to tidy up.For Chang Li later behavior, he can resign to fate.

"I just go out to do some matter, estimate for around a week and then will come back, I think need not kept on record to the elder hall!"Hear the lead the way emissary of after adding, the Du flies nature chose the latter, he doesn't want to go to an elder hall and see that a bit uncanny long happy true person.

The gold is small to open to hurtle after 2 people put hand, then head also not the time ground drive empty the boat quickly and far go.However at fly ten several in ground behind, the gold was small to open Dou turn son, again afresh Zhui at the empty boat of that clear absolute being religious section behind.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott adidas 2013[/url] "This at last just eavesdroped behavioral punishment to you and drove!"Summer if the hasty brake of Xi flies to have no a little influence to the Du of rear seat, seem he grow on the seat general, but see a summer if the miserable sight of Xi didn't mean apology and on the contrary sank a voice to condemn a way.

Du after flying far keep off to open use to work properly to know to observe a this place.See that company the brigade leader vexation ground shout at top of voice with Arabian language, sand Xi the corpse tore fragment, then roared again a , the others immediately kept silence ground to send back a tent, the whole encampment immediately resumed calmness again.

"This China Wei believes in is suddenly on the new moon mainland the rising, if say they before on the luxuriant far star, affirmation wasn't thus silent and unknown, " saw beautiful surprised Hong calm down down, the gentleman saw leave this just smile an analysis way, "we had better send a person first to check to explore the background that this China Wei believes in all of a sudden at present, if find out the evidence that they are from a different star, there is also the name to deal with them in that my valley!"


[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren polo outlet[/url] On the following morning Miss Stapleton took us to the path through the marsh.The fog had lifted,and she showed us the sticks which she and her husband had put in to mark the way.We followed them through the marsh,which smelled of dying plants.The wet ground pulled at our feet as we walked.From time to time one of us stepped from the path and sank up to his waist in the marsh.One man on

"Dark council chairperson's adult now should at and the Satan adult chat, I think He Er south the elder should not hope to see him?"Hear after the problem of the He Er south elder, Niger duke again says with a smile.

Dint exultation king, clap a breast way:"This is good to say.However since we hereafter is a colleague, that you also don't always'his highness, his highness'of call I, directly call I dint the king is good."

Fill the forehead of Ni Er tiny emit sweat, lower the head a way:"I am understand."

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The Du flies tiny wrinkly knit the brows, he doesn't be used to a stranger so nearly sticking him and stretch hand to push away the girl of bosom.

Chapter 4 accident(next)


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A few roughnecks of leavings shockingly halt, an is looking at a gold with the look in the eyes of seeing the monster sorted small open with distance snow, absolutely dare not believe oneself just see of thing!Just and actually took place what?Did two coy little girls all knock down for their 78 peoples?!

Already thin forget, just that the felling for moving but stay in his in the mind forever.Han Qiu Ya, at the thought of this is silly of police-woman, the Du flies to be like to smile, at the beginning of behavior purely the revenge teased her.China Qi cloud, this smart woman, the Du flies to feel her if grow up, will be a very good opponent again.Allow Ting, at the thought of Xu Ting Du flies some headaches, at the beginning to her commitment completely be cope with, however believe that the decade passed by, she should also have a good choice.Six green, this lives wave to open a loving girl, the Du flies to see the felling that she has a kind of younger sister each time, hope she forever happy happiness!Ni can, the outside is cold inside a person of heat, make friend the best choice!

See oneself throw sounds out of speech after, Du's flying don't answer, but turn but ask question, the Zou ocean is one Leng first, immediately the heart bottom is suffused with to have one silk in raptures.He doesn't think that Du's flying is the problem that gets around him, but directly carries on allusion:You not is say well-informed?That asks you the question!

[url=http://cheapnikejerseyschin.blogcindario.com]cheap nike jerseys[/url] Hope those stars diagram that thoroughly present track, the Du flew to suddenly sink into a certain clear Wu, the mind was thoroughly dead silent to come down, the whole individual imitates Buddha piece of stone general, connect vital of the breathing all disappear to disappear.

"See to her having the qualifications of doing a good mother."The Du flew a tiny smile in heart to smile.In fact public and asleep the time every day, he will silently feed for that kid up some eat a food, although he wants to measure to take a shot that woman,he also is unlikely to make the kid suffer mental agony for this.

Yesterday afternoon, under the order of five Yes, the size Kui brothers flew for Du and the jade sought house in the quite a few house first, however they thought the Du flies nothing important money, the house seeking is also mostly more narrow and small and broken-down.Afterwards after the Du flew to definitely speak the condition of wanting the housing, just found out now this house.


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Chapter 7 sand sea bar(up)

"Just is who want to cooperate to deal with mine, I can give you this opportunity now, you see me have already worked well preparation, and the time greets the aggression of storm sort."The jade squinted Jing to continue to enjoy at the male nephrite the comfortable feeling in the bosom continue to say.

For enthusiasm of the restaurant manager, Du's flying should be very cheerless to ground.The businessman pursues benefit, can't without any reason send you thick gift, end not just is the wool on sheep?However the Du flies to still keep receiving that diamond class honored guest's card, but waits door, he then handed over to that girl together together with employing of CNY 1,000 gold.She not is like to have a western meal, that sent to her!

[url=http://pandorajeweller.mywapblog.com/the-this-big-adorableness-knows-cheap-pa.xhtml]Cheap Pandora Necklaces[/url] The tooth that the gold is small to open to stand to with distance snow silently that stone on the stage, don't know fire as well actually did what, ambiguously is a slight of the "Weng Weng" voice ring out, the close behind that stone on the stage a bunch of ray of light spouts, top of the gold is small to open with distance snow 2 people immediately turn light to disappear!Be immediately flown to charge forward by this numerous black dress persons whom the mishap coming all of a sudden disturbs, but all already late one step.

"These were our temple of the godses, came in."After following to finish a dew to walk a good short while, the Du flew to arrive at a too grand building in front of doing not calculate with her, however, while flying to see this building a first eye, Du thoroughly foolish live, because the whole building seems to be all to construct with the soul stone!

The method also produced an explosion at the same time, together huge fire red the light is dizzy and the light in blue white is dizzy to take wildly irritable breathing and chilly breathing to bump shot respectively at together, two kinds of quite the contrary breathing produced a huge vibration and made the facial expression of four sorcery teachers is of a white.The rose 3 people's sorcery also produced an explosion meanwhile, the light in blue in the sky was dizzy and took a freedom of breathing, the light in gold yellow is dizzy and take a sanctity of breathing, the light of solid black color is dizzy to take uncanny breathing, three kinds of only dizzy three kinds of breathing the spirit wave produced even exceeded various Ge Rui the spirit wave produced by 4 people, only because originally is hostile for these three kinds of energies of, but the chemical element of rose and jasmine is again a complete opposition of, so formed a kind of three squares respectively for the situation of war.


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Being in a row bellowed by harmful thunder hat is a , in the hand of bite the crystal Yun meteor turns to make a flame meteor once again, facing rice Mr. Zhu shoots.However rice Mr. Zhu didn't avoid being seen, but repeatedly projected more than ten red lights and was crystal to abruptly block in the sky the biting of thunder hat this time!

Quarrel in, the persons like black piece,etc seems to be still to want to resist, but

[url=http://pandorajewelleryoutlets.webpaper.co/]Pandora Outlet Store[/url] "You!Hum!If"the appearance that sees tired Dai in"big elder", that vice- captain spirit hums a , then no longer condemn, said a sentence, " in the task what amiss, my Rao not you!"

1,000 hussars in the blink of an eye be massacred by 5,000 people's heavy infantry phalanx of courageous empire an empty, but they didn't appear one person's dead and injured.The result like this makes the present person get a shock, who all know hussar at faces one tight of the heavy infantry phalanx is that the milli- is out of the running, but still is unlikely to appear zero to die or injure can with the hussar of shot Kui the other party.Most is terrible of is their that quickly embattled speed and face to die unhurriedly of attitude.Although have never experienced what fight, they have already had all conditions of a qualified soldier.

The car that follows five Yes arrives at a large auto body shop and see the big Kui driving acquaint with ground to beat steer device, the Du flies to believe that here am China allied help of headquarter.The auto body shop is very big, in addition to front one small part is used for normal business with cover up outside, behind of basic all belong to the place that the outsider can not get into.


Tang in past can son because the antinomy that often appears to move out or leaves is mental, under the circumstance like this, she how may usually keep a common heart, plused original personality, say nothing of, now but dissimilarity, what concern all have no, the mood is quieter of she nature the meeting is more mature because of but.

When the leaf sings breeze to deliberate the background of dint inside he or she, outside in the door is several under knock on door of voice will he is from contemplate pullout reality.The leaf sings breeze to quickly draw back door to see virtuous Wei of Ao to pull 3 people to stand in front of the door.When they see what to open the door is leaf to sing a facial expression sign after the breeze turn into surprised air, the Ao virtuous Wei pulls in front openings to ask a way:"Young man did you have no an affair?"The leaf sang breeze to politely go 1:"Thank elder generation for bearing in mind, the younger generation has already what been up had no."Hear the leaf sing breeze to say so the temperament is the most anxious of black give to shout a way:"That so should elucidation the affair that break to knot boundary in the sky have no problem?"The leaf sings breeze light a say with smile:"No problem, the whole but order with the elder generation."The Ao virtuous Wei pulls to see a leaf to sing breeze to say so not from heavily exhaled an one breath, on the whole is let go of a worry, say with a smile:"That we didn't bother you to take a rest, before tomorrow noon will someone come to take you to go to knot boundary weak place."Finish saying a to pull rare Er and black the background giving facing walks.

The sort saw once, don't thought of this sword dance with all strength for under will have power like this.

"Do you care to work properly son very much?"The Xiang madam asks a way.

"Sir, you are all right

"Be not?"Connecting to butcher a big dragon this time is all dumbstruck.

The gold is small to open in Xia Yu's consciousness in"search"ed for a while, soon then find out understand to release:Originally summer clansmen after adulthood, naturally the meeting living the third eye on the forehead, that is the sign of adulthood, and is the symbol of strength.

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See oneself lives of the small building appear in the view, sudden the gold is small happy medium but with no reason of a Zhan!

"Is ashamed, small male gentleman!At under is three Ks to take a rightness of Q and at the right moment be stronger than you!"Looking at small male to respect two be aroused by oneself heel note, but now card noodles again have no him greatly, the plain Chang Zhe immediately sneers at Ji Feng to get up, conveniently station start, want become the counter of heap to hug back in the wager pond.As for the Du flies of card noodles, he lazily saw, affirmation was to steal a chicken!

", Is you!"The dog son also finally thought of wave at this time green, immediately and pleasantly surprisedly called.Ten how many days of front, falsely is this fairy fairy and two of her companions to go into city, did this just stir up the decision that he worships the fairy as teacher?This fairy fairy says to receive him now, that he hereafter can also become fairy!Momentary, the dog son sank into a fine dream to the future in, all forgot uprising.


Purple electricity Ultrasaurus although the strength is violent,its perceptual ability isn't strong, after seeing at present scene puzzle thousand times, it after the crystal heap of rocks surrounding back and forth hovered around several turns, completely can not find the existence of any life breathing, this just believes that person to just have already become Ji powder under own one shot. http://twitter.com/]twitter.com[/url]


Did day Er or Chad Sen make moves?"

Spirit consciousness a sweep under, the gold is small to open and then understood the affair of occurrence of ground, immediately the fury thrives!

Mu sea because of originally not last language of expression, but this time he also can crustily the skin of head say:"Be free, I then snare it."

The doorway being thousand lines up several common run of peoples that come to see a doctor and see the Du fly and the wave is green don't line up to keep into for the path in rush, not from loudly bawl at, derivation thousand of an apprentice.

The jade says with a smile at the male:"I thought in a short while and had no matter what scheme, I have already given the anti- lock the door, if you want to give me the sugar coat shell, I eat sugar coat first, as for the shell can can not harm me, you say that I still prepare to do now what, I of love imperial concubine, I certainly want thoroughly love deeply you Be getting more some kind of."

Li Jun's doing like this is also helpless to raise, she used 3,000 people's life shot Kui courageous empire 800 heavy ride a soldier, at this time courageous empire rest 1,000 heavy infantry, but fairy force empire still have 2,000 remaining heavy infantry, is 2 times that of the other party on the troops, the strong or weak signs to judge.All think in the owners fairy force the empire win the time of coupon's in control but Sun Mou is a to greatly drink:"Last horse!"Because strives for of throw away the tower shield in the hand to hold tight those while drinking a voice, those 1,000 heavy infantries to sign ownerless war Ma Fan Shen but up, and quickly become appearance.The mishap like this again makes whole field a surprised, the soldier of courageous empire unexpectedly Ma Zhan tread a war all can, this strives for to train soldiers to really have a skill.

The autumn strong Ze also feels the emergence of outside breathing, although he to sea the malicious hot means of Si is a bit scared, however pour is didn't dare to say more what useless talk.

At a weep over than the oneself little girl son in front, seal a Ling to feel to have already enough fallen a face and unexpectedly still let dream son according to see his/her own concussion in a row, it is just to don't know what the older generation son owes her.

"Really investigate?"Hear Ba

"This runt ……" fire tooth is also shocked not small, way:"It unexpectedly added some life vitalities for you!How to may there is this kind of Jing monster of?Is really unimaginable!"

"See come to these years, you also the nothing important make progress!"Saw Huang Gui Yue and launched to beat the taboo recruits type that he went into a river in those early years, the Du flew to sneer at 1.Then suddenly speed up, once hid Huang Gui Yue's attack, "since your nothing important makes progress, that is this be over!"Finish saying, twos are all, a flame of ivory spouts to shoot but, attach the body of Huang Gui Yue that is old and avoids being seen to cannot compare with in the recruit type using up.


However this circumstance along with rather the Peng swallowed a two Dan medicine to finally change behind again, the middle age text private sees arrive rather the Peng is a shape that leans against a Dan medicine to consume to die you, in the heart finally dismay get up.Unfortunately all of his attack meanses are spirits level up of, too late use while facing rather the attack of Peng fresh breeze shower, can grind teeth to work properly dint exportation to promote to extreme limit, expect can in the aspects of working properly dint excel Peng rather.

Care to know sea outside, the Hui only and from a distance looking at, in the battlefield, sealing the Ling has already become a fire person who is flaming to burn, purple of flame blunt sky but rise.

Chapter 9 fatty beard Sa(up)

"Though you walk like, I didn't block you again."The ice eye up and down conjectured a gold small open some kind of, order:"Seeing to you has already comes to an a third ranked awakening, the real strenght promotes really quickly, I ain't your opponent."

Every a day after, in early morning, the Du flies 7 people to then and vigorously come together at Chen Shi Bin's hole mansion door before.

Section 361 rounds view crowd

 'Only his beard,'I said.

After leaving Ming Tombs valley, the gold doesn't quit will small open to send back a house, and tell him the affair that is going to search relevant extension life span for him, need to leave a period of time.The gold is small to open nature is to appreciate not to exert, hopes him to as early as possible return.However the gold is small to open to also have a small question, hesitant repeatedly after, finally asked out.

"You this is at stem what?!"The orotund like surprised thunder that the gold is small to open is generally billowing but, resound through in the whole canyon.The momentary is in out of the sky all to be contending for the persons who rob empty boat position to all stop down, apprehensived to be afraid ground to looking at of the figure.

"I ……I just want to buy at 1:00 and work properly actually and listen to the person saying to exist only in the boundary."The gold is small to open to decide to come straight to the point, directly speak own need.

The stone house isn't big, low short open spaces, inside have no what ask for the thing of eye too much, just put a piece of large circular slab of stone in stone house the center, engrave a complicated sign line on the slab of stone!There is light ray of light fluxion on that sign line, obviously is exactly let to gobble up "forbid a dollar sign line" that loses a dollar dint!


The gold is small to open to feel oneself seem among the long river of sinking into a history, numerous appearances and lighting in the moment roar and shout but lead from him, huge arrive various information information of hard imagination to madly infuse to note in the brain that is small to open into the gold and let him have a splitting heacache!The gold is small to open to even produce a kind of illusion, he feels that his own head unexpectedly has already started inflating, and more and more big, seem to be the balloon of blowing enough the spirit, all probably produce an explosion at any time!

The way goes impassability.

"Fly an old younger brother of one degree to order an awake old elder brother today!"See the Du fly to drink fragrantly, Dan dust sub- oneself also cannot helps but drinking 1 bowl, then sighs a voice.

Silently let out a line that invisiblely detect a sign, the gold is small to draw and engrave and then discover, appeared more than ten big fellows in the neighborhood of the whole wine shop, these human face colors weren't kind, seemed is exactly for deal with oneself since then.However the gold is small to open don't put these people in the eye, because those are just only some a ranks to practice moral teachings, the gold is small to open to believe himself/herself even if is start to bind a hand come also the ability drop them.

"Our Dus' flying an uncle is a monk!"The appearance that sees money Jing doubt, if summer the Xi is dissatisfiedly some accent repeated way.

Go to this, "blue whale" keeps visiting Yi in the ring of encirclement outer circle, as long as"killer whale" breaks out of encirclement a turn, it is responsible for to bump to return to, at 1.1:00 exhaustion all energies of six"killer whale"s, finally suppress to bend dead at of those fingerlings in.

See 100,000 counters that the Du fly to just throw be accepted by the banker to walk, week small United States felt that losing money by herself like her is general, very anxious to bit Du to fly an one mouthful.But at the thought of she only is that keep the wager girl company, can secretly stand on the Du to fly to after death living stuffy air.But those two white-collar workers who lost again, some fatties who is jealous of ground of to hope to watch from a distance good luck, whisper in mouth, don't know to be scolding what.

"Yes, however luckily that guy just in the hole from explode, in case of he escape to ascend our empty boat, afraid of everyone's son who all can not escape."

"Teacher, I knew."Hope Louis Si not to calculate a high big figure, the Du flies slightly in mind say.

Viewpoint like this, the Du flies nature ability not to 138 squad member explain, the carriage order that can put an elder generation they notice, so although the complaint that heard beard righteousness, he didn't get angry.

" ……I thought of!Are you to say 6 to increase cannon?!"The gold is small to open suddenly realize, thought of the super weapon that steals from the clear absolute being religious section.


Hear if that squad grow, the Du flies in the middle of the heart origin because recovered the feeling of dulcifying of four member of team trust immediately dissipation, thousand defend ten thousand to defend, have never thought to still keep making people drill empty son!

However seal to traverse a to hear dream son according to speak of his/her own mother, immediately understand to come over in the heart, the person who is oneself's mother to keep and raise, have never thought unexpectedly so beautiful.

The jade is lovely this just at jade at the male in front peeped out some shy facial expression ways for the first time:"I say for 2 Bs to do his girl friend in the morning, so he just makes a phone call for you."

For saving Tui certainly, each general situation dint of Ding space in the sky and Qin Di's space finally and unprecedentedly unites to put together, the preparation concentrates with all strength, with big summer clansmen of time immemorial fight fortress to put together, you die me to live!

Section 395 is tortuous

Three lasts walk into family, be I recognize hard that be 3:00, my heart is suddenly a burst of sorrow and disappointment-that often my memory in of three!Where are that bright eyes ?Stand in front of me of three, seem to be quiet and cool, for my return to seem the affair that the idea early expects, didn't show how much surprise and benignity.The hair just a little delivered fat body and had already started sheding off already, make my heart spasm the taking out of sort move:The years captured my childhood years of 3 ……I suddenly feel very sad, what we lost is getting tooer many!The person has many things that are worth cherishing from cradle to the grave, can be us to haven't come yet and cherish to step, everythings all have become in the past, everythings were all nonexistent ……

"Give!"The run on a bank that hears a stand lord, that clean soil believes in once the pupil grind teeth and took out the white difference stone of two pieces of fist sizes from keep the thing bag, will pass to the stand lord.Kui he can eat, but can not fall the fame of group!

The Du flew to hear one depressing a ground of cruelty voice.

"H'm, no matter how it is, say, also still need to all see to the absolute being in person."Distance snow also no longer plays trick and start a company the quantity rise proper business.

"Be not so, that how does he get into Huang Ji Xing!"Liu Lao Gui obviously also knows this circumstance, let go of wine pot at this time cold say with a smile, " has the cosmos the flight magic weapon, and returns a body to have numerous deluxe chain devices to anticipate, I doubt this guy to be the elder that the some star chain machine believes in a door!He delivers material to return to religion and passes by on Huang Ji Xing to take a rest and hears here and has with each other city and then rusheds through to come over this time, and he has no Jing to clap to work properly a machine, and has no Jing to clap to turn absolute being Dan, on the contrary to heart chain the Jue destroy article this kind of believes in the thing that the door just has a function to the chain machine and doesn't hesitate to expend two pieces of deluxe chain materials, this has already canned explain a circumstance very much!"

"Way friend once said that Mi book to relate to chain machine, don't know what Class of magic weapon the friend could refine now?"See ownly sound out to have no effect, long enjoy a true person straight-tempered come straight to the point ground to ask a way.


Have no making track for of huge monster shot, the gold is small to open to wait a person this just really loosenned tone, the heart just having been bringing up is put back belly inside.

The 撁 emperor cuts Chu 瑪 , he says and threw down that letter.The 撃 knocks the Chu Mao the Tan dredge Gua inclined Lu Nai Lyu Tuo Li Nao Yi Qiao Se 繑

Chapter 6 gathers to belong to bottom(up)

"You have already started studying five class sorceries."See clear the contents of sorcery personal letter, the thunder receives virtuous heart in lose more, want to cover up with the smiling face, but have already not smiled to come out, momentary, the facial expression becomes very uncanny.

Hui light that baldheaded emergence is resisting for a sky, in the eyes of Chen, resist for a sky, the Chen is immediately startled, take off a people's way:"Who are you ?"

"Thank!"Wait that stewardess to take he is to the back of the first class cabin, the Du flew light tunnel voice after, shut eyes to take a nap, let the stewardess who has heart to seduce him have no from start, can the Xing Xing leave.

The felling held tight just, the Du flies to repeatedly launch, carry on move in a sudden for many times, after waiting him thoroughly and recording this felling in mind, this just will happy press at the heart of bottom, headed for the assembly place of monk.

The Luo uncle sees second dint have been already opened mouth especially and want to mean to say a way:"We absolute being song the empire sprout to fasten, the fire fastens, water fastens, the breeze fastens of each 10,000 people!From receive Si to take brigade."

See the Du fly a full face to appreciate, and facial expression not counterfeit, immediately loosenned tone in the bosom bamboo true public.Just he has no to realize that the Du is flown into, explain that the Du flies of fix for already Gao Guo, although he doesn't think that the Du flies to break the Qiao expect, most high his front lines just, this is front-line, also don't already let his strain.See now the Du fly to have no hostility and on the contrary and greatly have an idea of sending goodwill gestures and just at last put

Sir Charles was going to London on the next day,and Barrymore,his butler,was packing his suitcases.By mid night Barrymore was worried that Sir Charles had not re turned,so he went to look for him.He found the door of the Hall open.The day had been rainy and wet so Barry more saw the prints left by Sir Charles'shoes as he had walked down the Alley.H

The plan that is original, similar didn't carry out, don't know to is to isn't a regret, doing not know will can't blame me.Probably can't.Though a moment that knows answer have already had preparation in the heart, but still keep having a little a regret.However accept very quickly, also very calm in the heart.Now that the fact can not change, can hold in the moment.Wait in the future recall, probably will be that one is unforgettable to recall.


The day sinks a month to rise, along with the getting dark of the color of the sky, 4 has torch, around ten thousand torches make coast best the daytime is general.But sunshine country one square but lights didn't order, 1,000 war ships are under the cool moonlight like hibernate on the water to choose a person but love at any time of time immemorial the huge monster is general.

A few elders see a nothing important to also need to bother a Zhang door handle in person of, the favour Gong body excuses to leave.After being public and withdrawing door, the gold is small to draw to engrave to breath a sigh of relief, the Nie hand Nie feet arrive at one front of door and stretched to keep the action that the ear listens to an outside.A few elders talking is to not disturb the rest of Zhang door all to depress voice, however this for come to a third stages awakening the gold of degree isn't small to open to say, does calculate what.

The Mu expects medium of the unreal energy be been small by the gold to open after absorbing, the Mu that only one left get empty hull expected to immediately and then turn to make powder scraps, dissipation at surroundings of silvery ray of light in.The gold is small to open just a little and adjust an interest in a short while, dollar in very quick his body dint the Chong Ying get up afresh-now, gold's small development's own dollar now dint absorb the speed compare before fully quick more than ten times, estimate is in times before blend of the function of mentally dense flame.

Along with work properly to know to also get into identity jade a card in, the Du flies and discovers in the moment container of bursting upon a per meter square, the container afloat wears a huge number above"10000"!

Because the Du flies the last fingerprint to tee off, his using to work properly to know to observe black gold knife the gold in the body to fasten to attackstone strategies suddenly ray of light is big prosperous, immediately connects to take whole Be all bright to get up the black gold knife.

"?"Listen to the Du fly so on saying, public in succession noodles now the color of surprise, after getting into concealed bead space, they discover the spiritual influence here the density is stronger than new moon mainland not how much, also have no how to pay attention to, listen to now the Du fly to say later the spiritual influence will be more and more strong, this is of great benefit to their self - disciplines, the nature was thousand times a surprise.

In the hall's deepest place, an altar that purely constructs to°from the energy crystal on, hang empty float to float the cocoon of a huge light.The cocoon Gao Jin Shi's meterses of that light present oval in seeming to have what things and constantly produce like the rhyme of heart beating sort.If close to scrutinize, can discover that only of cocoon from innumerable of slender only silk constitute, only the silk is hollow, therein still flow a general mentally dense thing like the blood

Chu traversed smoke to order to nod, the circumstance in nowadays, have to can be getting sucher.

Open the third gold of eye empress small open vehemence to soar, unexpectedly outstripped the Ultrasaurus of in front for an instant, small open in the gold at the moment of in the eye, that Ultrasaurus any further be not Gao can not climb of huge however huge stuff, but became almost and oneself is an equal little dragon.Not, own even of the vehemence have already far and far outstripped that Ultrasaurus, the angle of view changes now oneself be downward looking down!

Does the 撉 Guo silkworm chlorine グ mulberry μ Shu ┮ pay ?rdquo;The Holmes says, he still shut eyes to sit to sit backward.

Is maternal to also start to anticipate to cannot compare with, what this self-discipline negative sky of puppet produces is negative to punish, will put out with greatly replying of the father only and prints fusion together, produce to flush to oneself together, inchoate time, maternal but be bombarded the soul that leave one silk.Is long through rebirth, a Ning of time does, now body already originally compare Johnson Be getting aer lot of, but negative punish, but is having been continuously weakening.


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