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a bit like my rugby club, we're second in a laugee where we are semi pro and the rest are full time!kawauchi is obviously saying you guys have all the time to train & recover and you still can't beat me!good for him!


It seems many of us have the same problems. I've been trynig to whittle down my library to the essentials, sentimental copies, and collectibles. But, I have TBR piles in several places and a box of books I plan to read and get rid of. When I get around to it.I almost never buy books, but my local used book store takes books in trade, so I constantly have a credit balance to spend there. After forty years together, my husband has given up on buying me jewelry and other stuff' and gives me Amazon gift certificates. You know what I do with them, right? Ideally, I'm buying books for my Kindle, not physical books. That brings me to reading on my Kindle. If I do that, I feel like I'm cheating on my TBR piles.And then there's the public library. I do exactly what you do: put tons of things on hold and read them before books on my TBR piles. I think it's the due date, too, and the fact that I feel the librarians expect me to read what I borrow. Will there be a quiz? Add to all this the fact that I'm not a kid anymore, not by a long shot, so I have that nagging feeling that I may never get around to reading all of Shakespeare, Proust, the Bible, etc.I'd say this was all self-inflicted, but we have a disease, don't we? We can't be any different because it's in our natures to read and love books.

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