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Fascinating. I've read another in this collection from Profusion, by George Arion (Attack in the Library), set in Romania. Again, there is a fascinating introductory essay by Mike Phillips providing a lot of context, and masses of footnotes (not all of which were necessary, but still nice to have - and quite unobtrusive in the kindle edition as they are all at the end of the main text).


Thanks, Maxine. Attack in the Library in already nestling in my Kindle TBR folder....

Ramona Mitrica (Profusion Publishers)

Thank you for the review, I am glad you enjoyed the book and found the footnotes helpful. For us, translating colloquial Romanian into English was as difficult as it was satisfying in the end: a challenge. We hope you’ll enjoy the other works in the Profusion Crime Series: the novels Attack in the Library (published Nov 2011) and Anatomical Clues (coming up in May 2012), and the true crime story of Rimaru – Butcher of Bucharest (also coming up in May 2012).


Thanks, Ramona - great to hear from you. I have a copy of Attack in the Library and will watch out for Anatomical Clues and Rimaru with great interest!


Marie - Today I turned in a vaoaticn request approved for the week between Christmas and New Year's, since my son will be in town then, and it was approved :-). Now I won't have to go through the motions at the office that week!Hope the Christmas shopping got off to a good start!Amy - I'm trying to get into this "unplugged" thing, but I always have this nagging anxiety that my readers will evaporate and never come back if I skip a few days of posting! Yes, I do have insecurity issues, why do you ask :-)? Glad you've enjoyed a few days' break yourself!Gina (Book Dragon) - Yeah, it's not a bad time to lay low from blogging, because so many other people are too :-).Amy RGB - Red velvet cake - mmmm! I've never baked that, but I do like to eat it - hope yours turned out well!Why does December always seem so short, but February - which IS short - feel so long?Jill (Softdrink) - If you're coming to our meet-up on Saturday, we'll make sure to feed you :-) - and we'll be VERY glad to see you!Kathy (Bermudaonion) - Thanksgiving was fairly low-key, but I'm still behind on some things too. And it will probably just get worse - oh well :-)!


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