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"This again is what ghost place?Was I again delivered?"The gold is small to open to whisper two, suddenly thought of a problem, the favour inquires a fire tooth way:"Here should can't be you say of seal to forbid?Was I also sealed to forbid?"

Gold small happy medium dark way:"The probably real pole ice believes in a Zhang door to know, but regrettable I am just a fake."Way in the mouth:"Say no harm, I from useful."

For youth monk this carefully thinks, the Du flies natural heart to know that the belly is clear.Smiled to smile, then followed to walk into the door that leads to black market inner part.

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html[/url] "Although I don't want to say so,this is the fact."The Mu permits a sky to also wrinkle up an eyebrows way.

"Father's adult!"Xia Yu faced up, however the form of address of this openings frightenned a gold small open a to jump.

Wait once the ruby in month walk, leaf cloud Qian open mouth to say:"That, I want to ask you, did you how prepare to persuade my parents?"


[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren coupons[/url] Sitting around in idleness is boring, the Du flies to make the maid pour a cup red wine for him, straight-tempered see have gambling party.

"Two elder generations, " sees circumstances some to control, the Du flies to then beat to have to escape in the heart of idea, "since it is so, that permits boy consideration how is a period of time?"Finish saying and then don't need a car wood 2 people answer, a move to run away in a sudden.However the moment moved in a sudden, he ambiguously heard the car wood 2 people's roars, "smelly boy!"

The helicopter of suddenly a burst of tediousness bellows a voice to ring out, two helicopters fly to come to a gold small open the police car driven of top of head, two close behind wear black tights of especially the Jing explored a half from it body, the specially mades in the hand attacked by surprise a gun to take aim at the golds in the police car small open!

"China strict elder generation, can start?"Half of two-hour period empress, Xuan frost sees a China's strict etc. person all adjust an interest to complete, then thin voice inquiry way.

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren polo outlet online[/url] " Jade, you forget an elder brother inside is to the farmland."Carve to spread Wu Tian's voice in room.

The eyes of the masses are fixed on under, action like this, people can not believe how can occurrence.Just started thinking is ran into nerve

The owners all know life and death alive or dead is in this a moment, so learn is also special to work hard, have what don't understand of the place also ask to Sun Mou at momentary, was all full of preparing for of strain atmosphere on the whole sandy beach.


[url=http://dusty.productzone.net/nba.html]wholesale nba jerseys[/url] The second year that leaves him, she discovers that time can not cut off to remember fondly and concern about.

The gold is small to open break into laughter almost, way:"You since know this guy to isn't a good person, how still need to follow him dry live?"

The person turns a head to looking at a gold small open, but that eyes have no focus, imitating the Buddha is to open through the small gold, saw that dusk to have no among bare history, the mumbling way of old monster person:"We are regarded as a wild beast by the mankind …… we drive the mankind regard as wild beast ……"

"Mama!"That roughneck facial expression deadly pale, the body trembles like Shai bran and absolutely thinks that oneself is dreaming!Is it ground to is bare hands and then bite opponent Tui A shot?!This is exactly a kind of what kind of body Shu!If be not still have bright sky of light at this time, that roughneck really thinks that oneself saw live ghost.

[url=http://coincidence.creativist.me/nfl.html]wholesale nfl jerseys[/url] See car Xuan a station is this appearance, the Du flies nature not stay at quiet disturb in room, then withdraw quiet room, walk to the stone Deng of hall to sit in seat of honor under, then calm down to wait the car Xuan station instauration to come over.

Chapter 63 key link hand(next)

The Holmes has already fiercely stood."BE which side, does China livings?Does the æ–” Tui solid Kui suppress a wave to suffer from the Tun Xing Bo to forgive?


"Be not?"

"Wait a minute!The article star Yun iron adds a piece of and first grade Qiao stone in"while expecting to manage to prepare to end this sale after the gold Dan of on the stage, the Du flies deep and low voice to suddenly ring out, " a cake of!"

"The external world?"Aureate runt Leng for a while, immediately and joyfully shouted loudly:"?Ha ha ha, too good!Unexpectedly come in from the external world of, too good!I just stuffy boredom, you come to speak the world of the outside to actually have to me what kind of variety!"

"H'm?"Listen to the Du fly so on saying, the girl is on guard and seem Du's flying is a crime member and make the Du fly a burst of interrogative, was he again listed as wanted?

The little youth carries a big schoolbag, at present, is the whirlpool of homework ……

"Ha ha."Realize Chen Jing urgently and in a hurry runs to walk, the Du flies to lightly smile a , then the air Be complicatedly mumbling to get up, " Hong Kong, unexpectatively I return to permafrost first station, unexpectedly here!"Finish saying, then tiny sighed tone, immediately let out absolute being to know, toward at the beginning the manor of summer house there fished for to pass by.

e flames.There were rings of blue fire round its cruel eyes,too.I touched the hound's burning coat.When I held up my hand,it,too,seemed to be on fire.

Resist to accept Xian to not and a little bit nod, print own soul to record to force to leave one's self, leave a big part to give hair to reply to put out light print and negative punish, keep oneself soul immortalization, then diagram development.This was the use of the negative sky of puppet, as long as still have already printed to record at, have the opportunity of rebirth.

"& Amp;@# ……" girl the vigilance ground come over here and said with Holland language an after, discover is full to is a captivation in the look in the eyes flying Du, then changed English, "foreign, you arrive at us, does the small town want to do what?" http://www.youtube.com/]youtube.com[/url]


"Mr. Du, do we really go in?"Stand outside the company registration door of government, Chen first sews to took a look that to spread carpet ground through the door inside the house, some tremblingly fly to ask a way to the Du.

Fish for environment in the west of mainland, but for the elder brother is to succeed in catching this Ji dragon at that time."Make reference to my Du to fly to see rather the facial expression mitigation of Peng a lot of, then continue way, " at that time for elder brother not the desire exposed this Ji dragon, then on it sowed print record, then rush through return halted ground, can who know this Ji dragon now escape, always the Yao has no news."

"With each other city?Good!"Order, Du's flying freely should descend.At know that the fairyland of Peng Lai has city with each other after, the Du flies and then makes a decision and goes, while he also just packs appearance just at the moment.

However the guy for going in secret after conjecturing the dress that the Du flies all of a sudden relaxed down.Because the Du flies is 1 set what to wear the recreation being popular at present pack, but this kind of person who is dressed in is all generally in the territory

Distance snow just wanted to talk, the sudden spread unclearly in the ground a burst of vibrate, the morrow had"The Mao Mao Mao Mao"Of the voice spread from the distance and seem is what huge monster is quickly rushing similar.The gold is small to open and distance snow change towards seeing one eye, facial expression being all a bit tiny.Now among this mysterious saint palace, is all unknown thing everywhere, may exist some dangerous circumstances as well so here.

Now that the second test have been already ended, the Du flies and then comes out big palace, ready to a good tour for a while this group of islands.Seeing from the distance of last time luxurious liner, this group of islands affirmation is on Mediterranean.But as for is concrete where, the Du flies to affirm, after all he has never dared to let out to work properly to know that day, whether liner rounds road him isn't clear.

The gold is small to open to tightly follow behind, the whole set mind lives public lock in the front, the slightest don't dare to relax.He has been already discovered, really exists numerous sign lines of concealed vestige of Zong Nis in this tree sea now, the person who can let to intrude into sees thing, and imperceptibly auto

"If the Ji dragon ate these meat, can also absorb the energy in the meat, however you if ate, signed a horse to poison to death!"The words that hear beard righteousness, cave stone mountain person inclined Ni this full brain eat of guy, the ground of Ji Feng says, then changes direction the Du of one side to fly a way, " elder generation, let's bury these meat.Ji Long Rou exposes in the outside for a long time, putrefied after produce of toxin be not very mutually with of!"

"Everyone starts, we go ashore."Walk to 23 in the place of brigade rest, the Du flies to wave hand to signal hint everyone to gather.

"Is slow, be like you the superior like this uses poison harm the enemy seem to have the Sun your identity, don't know that you can let your under charge first to my colleague poison solve."The leaf sings breeze to toward the big being about to make moves to say.

"Ha ha ha ha!"The gold is small to open happily cachinnation to get up, smiles while shaking head way:"You of these two problems are complete need not to worry.Mentally dense origin is absolutely is not likely to be awakenned, however we can find out inside relevant allied with big summer clansmen part, and carry on a control-BE controled by me, so can't inhale I go by myself, can also control strength at the same time, assurance aims at big summer clansmen.In fact the mankind practice moral teachings now body in of gobble up pits all is have relation with big summer clansmen allied, if Be not carry on selecting, perhaps even the mankind will disappear half!"


Along with the opening of protection cover, more than 1,400 war ships of surplus immediately enlarge horsepower, quickly facing the sun the direction of ship shining on a country war drive to go and contend for now of is time.The eye sees the war ship speed of courageous country speed, the sunshine country one party war the sorcery on board motion immediately enlargement, along with sorcery motion of turn worse to bellow of voice this that Fu.The sorcery in several thousands of various colors plays to row an a way parabola to hit at courageous country war the protection cover on board on, play along with the sorcery of explosion courageous country war the ship Be a burst of to violently flutter, the protection covers up of sheen also immediately a weak.

"Etc.!"BE moving forward to head for that dress store, the Du flies to suddenly feel that surrounding several individuals hugged to come over, he hurriedly stretched hand to pull small Ze true son.

The atmosphere in villa in the house that doesn't lift a summer is dignified, far fly in the Du out of thousand meters, get sister in the house in summer is kidnap of news after, then and immediately release to work properly to know, starts to clean up Hong Kong completely.As long as sister in the summer house hasn't been bound bandit by those to transfer Hong Kong, that Du flies and then can easily find out them.But even if they drive transfer Hong Kong, the Du flies and finds out them to be just many efforts.Although now Du's flying the relationship with summer house in nowadays hasn't indeed settled down, but he can't allow the idea of house that someone beats a summer!

For living till now, we should extend their our own sense organses and realize now various wonderful places of this each a moment.Each time penny, each , everybody can free choice, whether want truely and live till now, absorb circumferential everything, let oneself be subjected to touched, is influenced.

"You ……are you a fairy?"Sun Xue is from the quilt in stretch out head, see the Du fly to suspend in the house, unbearable in astonishment ask a way.

"That congratulated a teacher!"The Du flies this just and has some suddenly, just the teacher gives his personal letter inside why describe four stars to realizing of five planets, feelings is what teacher just experienced recorded down.

The place that he lives is a small room that rents in the outside of school, small but very free.He before is live in the Shen sub- home, endured cold stare, afterwards the Shen son throws a living expenses to he, beat him deliver come out, and saw appearance, very obviously hope gold small open during a lifetime don't return to.The gold is small to open although full stomach complaint, also not say what, after all Shen son how again not good, also calculate to have a loving care from childhood to him.

"Mess mess!His grandmother of!Lao Tze should can't the so careless dead is here?At the beginning but even the magmas have never burned to die I!"Sudden the gold Be small to open brain in working one Shan, thoughted of another a powerful weapon:"Magma?How did I give° that ground fire monster Jing to forget!"

"Have a meal!"Two sailors lift a hogshead, one of "Dong" throws in the hatch and threatenned 1 to lock up hatch to go out, the positive eyes have never seen Cang in of smuggle.

Think the Xiao Hui also at last saved her one life, allowing the Ting can't set up for incognizance, can cope with several voices to hide to return to chief executive officer's office.Original Xu Ting thinks to shunt time, didn't get in touch with Xiao Hui to go, who know the man who sees her body still blush, but this meeting became thick-skinned, when the noon has a meal, always opportunity to seek and she gathers together 1 table, if she hides in the office, this guy will directly take rice to seek and also say to concern her body in mouth, let she have no from answer criticism.

Somebody else a hard, if the rat is getting softer, this is its personality.See the mermaid become big and vehemence is after being cruelty, if the rat begs for mercy to want to leave, can who know this mermaid very difficult tie up, don't listen to if the speak of rat, the just stuffy head attackstones and want well one breath.


On the adornment the leaf sings persons like breeze,etc to originally think that three pure views of martial fairy empire are already complicated abnormality, but is even if the civilian's house in the courageous empire is also an excrescent beauty in the adornment on the building:Window Ling and wooden partition on all carve mountain, water, insect, the patterns like fish,etc uses waterproof oil again after colourful apply color.

Follow voice to hope to go, the Du flies to see an eyebrow beard white old man all, he crosses legs to sit on the stone bed at the moment, although is to toward Du to fly to talk, but hasn't been raising head.

The outside once bought a little crystal stone as well, however and this crystal stone in the secret room on comparing, absolutely like the rock of wayside similar bad.

And Li Jun drink a way:"Attack, then rush out."After finishing saying return overdo maintain own sorcery.

One eye of.Embrace the attitude that don't believe to turn head and see, the gold is small to open but not from get one Leng:Originally and unexpectedly and really there is a beauty being staring at oneself, and that person still acquaints with very much by himself[herself]-is exactly "take to stab a rose" of his/her own class, distance snow!Thought of oneself still steals her a hair, and plagiarizes the somebody else's knowledge, the gold is small to open not from get slightly some guilty.

"Please forgive at under presumptuously ask a , everyone can how many crack teachers help me courageous?"Li Tai wanted to want to open

Wear a sub- gamey smell!However this kind of liquid the slightest doesn't influence his breath, it LCL liquid that is among the EVA animation to have a little elephant very much-he completely can breath but felling not arrive some asphyxiation in this kind of liquid!

The quality of stone, up spread all over fish scale-like in shape plait wrinkly, from in the moment had been extending till pole distance.The gold is small to open startled four attend to, the good long time just responds to come over, originally the place of his place is unexpectedly a cake of huge matchless of grow a -like in shape megalith!

The left Huai seems to be to this to have a little shocked, however he early has ready plans to meet a situation, for the knot boundary of this defense form, there is basically no the threat of one silk.

Drive Chu the text Xuan blocked up back, the Chu text Xuan gets better not very good, enraged of, will explode like a little bit more similar zha medicine.But seal a Ling again how can afraid he?

Thought of here, the Du flies not from some hesitate, whether help that big guy?


Leaf cloud Qian gets this not after being regarded as a surprised result, in the mind also not know is just thinking what, 2 people the momentaries are all silent, because they are considering their own affair, continuously think own problem.

Fire tooth unexpectedly the gold was small to open to unexpectedly and really make moves, waited it to respond after coming over, the gold is small to open have already taken down Ling Jia's wise powerful ruler.The good long time fire tooth just whispers a way:"Surprisingly your boy is unexpectedly so deceitful, clearly promised that guy, turned a head not to keep promise as a result ……"


"Were you all right?"The gold doesn't quit to depend to come over up and down took a look him.

"Is successful!"Many monks out of the hole mansion see this scene, in succession the pleased smiling face opens ground to nod a way mutually.These monks are mostly placed in a jade liquid to expect, ever since that time more than 50 year agos, someone in territory broke gold Dan to expect, henceforth, any further none the person broke, quite a few jade liquid behind expect the monks of peak all because the life dollar crocks up, but helpless wither.The success breakthrough that this time Du flies, expect to these jade liquids of monk to say, undoubtedly re- set alight the hope in their heart.

"Boon."The Du flew to silently pour glass water and put in the in front of old man, then calm down to treat him have to say what.

"So ……" gold is small to open a point to nod, also have no to more put in the mind.Sudden the gold Be small to open to feel spirit a burst of faintness, close behind at present of landscape transformation, oneself has already arrived at an everywhere unreal space in.The gold is small to open one Leng, however soon then respond to come over-should be own unseen here!

The green bird is excited that the location nods, she at 1:00 also not doubt the gold is small to open say of words.

Summer cloud Xi and summer if the Xi hasn't wide awoke from the quilt the fact for kidnaping now.They can not believe, the grandmother summer blares the violent bodyguards that snow seeks for them, at bind the attack of bandit under unexpectedly pull Xiu like the withered Cui of sort of be defeated, let those bind bandit easily will they sister 2 people capture to come to hand.

"Two elder brothers all blame me, I put fish to run."The week is good and clever and tiny and red eyes to say.

The gold is small to open to also say with smile:"Find out this, I am also very exhausting, after all this up has tens of thousands appearances.H'm, see like this, that big summer clansmen is be not left for these?"


After 1 scream madly to scream madly, the green tunic black beard male sees many monks that other group Qiaos that together come with him expect monk, all round a strict religion of China flattering and having no a person to take to manage him and then showing unintentionally ferocious air on the face and taking out first grade crystal stone hideous smile of a cake of to shout a way from keep the thing bracelet:"The star believes in to lose support very much, you don't also want to beg for like!"Finish saying and then arouse the crystal stone shoot toward a direction but.

Cringe to begin to take out the ring in the pocket, Ma Lyu Dan ruthlessly dashes to the ground it, then by foot and ruthlessly tramples, but the all these can not offset the regret in his heart at all.

"Since it is so, that I then stay for a while, however, learn not and learn still just myself, you can can not be forced me.Still have, I can't do your disciple."Seal the Ling wants to say of said first, block up the mouth of thousand Lians of water first, a side had already lent in the days to come.

"Although we change direction North America, Europe and Asia two continents can not now give up.Ground five, in those early years six star president of association hand lieutenant generals of this palace principle and subordinate sorcery association you saved bottom, is for the sake of now!Ground five, you would like to leave and take care of an evil palace generally at Europe and Asia the business of two continents?"

Jade at male this under in mind scolded piggies to almost die, this not is rush through duck on-the-shelf, if became to O.K. say, if Zhao Ning Ying would not like to, the jade also don't feel very sorry and ashamed at the male of, the talk but want technique of.

"How?"The appearance that sees Lin Hai Tian's concussion, the Du flies a bit puzzling.Is these days of he destroys small R devil of that brigade, besides which, there are no other affair occurrence, how Lin Hai Tian a meet this appearance?

"Who?"Jade at male originally already see Be about to arrive a highest point quickly, drive so on frightenning, almost wasn't frightenned one dessert reason the disease come out.

"The instruction member of Long Zu Fu?"The certificate turned over to open Du to fly to pass over here, the eye pupil of the Dong Qi Min's double eye moment constringency for a while, then lift up head to carefully ask a way, " doesn't know to guide a member I here, have official business?"

"……With you, I took."Huo Ya discovers that being still an idiocy is happy, even the mistakes all have so a personality.

Thought for a long time, the Du flew a to grind teeth, or decided and then did so, always can not only think by stem!As for hereafter will have what problem, that time of wrong etc. again say!

"In fact the affair is such ……" gold is small to open from the beginning start to speak about, include oneself to at the beginning get the process of gobbling up the pit, and don't quit the exchanges of waiting the person and believe in with thunder hat and Rong Yan with gold afterwards of quarrel etc..Fully speak there is half for several hours, this just finish speaking the whole affair.


"What host, have to be serious, are six tungses the earth lord!"Hear six green words of connecting, Lin Bi Yao knows that she is getting more inattentive to the previous affair, in the heart not from loosenned tone, smile a backstroke way.

The person fixs for after attaining a diverted middle, the Du flies and then has never hesitated grounds to speak name.

Winter in 2007, the city of north, snow is next surprising of big, a night of, all of world everythings are that the ones are snow-whites, the sky is heartlessly floating big slice of big slice of of snowflake.The road is kept, the ticket grew, the boy would not liked to come over, the girl is very sad, but thinks he or she probably sought in the past he can the 龕 will change his viewpoint, probably he will come back to see a doctor with himself, hence, the girl sticks her neck out to seek this boy

Really, in public as person is seeing knife light, Li Yan has already felt the cold idea that is suffused with a body.But Li Yan not the Kui be known for an already a long time strong in the mainland, although being surprised isn't disorderly, the gusset that see his gusset turning over to fly to infuse to note inside the dint good two sheet irons were similar to seal a river door the knife of the Yi Chuan.River door Yi Chuan the foot is made an effort the war knife within hand of the body form conversion a short a put on knife only and rush toward Li Yan's waist.Li Yan has never thoughted of this sunshine person to change to recruit a so fast disease, the gusset bottom flicked to again seal to hold up his knife power.River door Yi Chuan knife power again change, remain fast malicious hot, however Li Yan still turns over to fly of blocked his knife certainly and all down.

"All like.The war robs knife more crazy, display to compare fully enjoy, four bear each other out to make use of a lot of vivid, I like."Seal Ling Dao.

The jade sits Yang on the chair to wear a head at the male at miss to be own of the affair, now jade at male already thinking of some no time for waitingses when can take down leaf cloud Qian, then only thoroughly taking down can let the jade trust down at the male, otherwise what all is white say.

Chapter 26 unexpected happening

The gold is small to open to also feel very interesting, however oneself just reads to cantillate out of voodoo not is controled by himself or herself, but the nature in the brains appear of thing, also not know to isn't that that consciousness is strong to fill to own.

Suddenly the top that the gold is small to open a body bloom one silk light red ray of light, that is exactly his defense sign line too the thou Huang phenomenon for launching wall!Originally the huge vacuum force born on his body, immediately eased a lot.

The sun was already going down when I reached the top of the hill.I could not see the boy,and there was nothing else in that lonely place Beneath me on the other side of the hill was a circle of old stone huts.In the middle of the circle was one hut that had a better roof than the others,so it would keep out the wind and the rain.This must be the place where the mysteri ous man was hiding!I would soon know his secret.

", Fly to ……literally a destination, anyway now I also the nothing important place can go."Be shouted to come to from the Leng absolute being by the moxa rice, the Du flies the only hesitation, then soft-voiced order way, then start to walk into service module, sit on the seat to start contemplating.


"Like, everyone continues to walk faster!"After waiting to take a rest a short while, the Du flies to see many faces of monks up resumed spirit again, then start to receive a , lead off fly up the sky.

Wait and after private home Chen's person talked, the summer thunder lets go of a words tube, the facial expression on the face has been completely serious to get up and sweep to see one eye anxious public after, sink a voice to say:"Private home Chen also received a same telephone, however letting the amount of money that they prepare is CNY 500,000,000!"

"Is that a teacher, don't know that elder generation and teacher in the house have an origin?"The Du flies a to listen to Huang Gui Yue to make reference to vapor trail definitely and then know that horse gentleman to go ten to have 89 to is Ma Da Dun Ye.

Hear green tunic black beard male's this Zheng

The tooth Liao point nods, way:"They star thief power within organization, the big parts all control at a be called finish China Luo of the No.2 person hand up, that person belongs to star military adviser's a type of person within thief, cunning and deceitful, all of many evil plans are to come from finish China Luo's hand.The big head of group releases of order, all generally pass to finish China Luo to spread bottom, estimate only and finish then China Luo can come in contact with that mysterious big head of group."

"?"Be been suddenly colourful on lifting by the gold, relax under of Han Qiu Ya Be immediately surprised to exhale a voice.

The gold was small to open and cautiously inquire some kind of, finally can make sure, should can't have in this temple of the gods what dangerous, and in also have no host to exist, this made the gold small to draw to engrave to produced into to investigate some kind of minds.In his eyes, this temple of the gods absolutely from foreign science and technology create of outcome, the native of the place wants to build one this kind of can suspend of the thing come absolutely difficult compare to ascend heaven.

"."Celebrate after bureau chief listenned to, should a , but don't evaluate.

When great white crane true person's speaking him is the five planets elder of evil martial alliance he that breeze pure cloud thin appearance completely is at hard support!Good at great white crane the true person is usually many to use to energy self-discipline, don't seem to be other the dollar of living several thousand years the baby Be old strange to so be familiar with to the ways of the world, so temporarily didn't realize.However the Du flies knows, the this great white crane true person very likely will check his bottom after returning to!

"You!"The Du flies to still think to succeed in escaping and had never thought west Wei Er but is playing with him.

Not so bad dream son according to don't answer, sealed a Ling to hurriedly withdraw previous remark a way:"I am to say do you compare to like better to eat what?"


The gold is small happy to win some regrets, know that this old guy affirmation can't reveal the so important sign line to oneself and then pretend a compliment way:"Unexpectatively big uncle also this kind of means, really admire.However can concealing the breathing arrive what extent?The demonstration sees for me how?"

"Complete nonsense!"Who know Xiao south cloud just on finishing saying, Xiao war opened mouth to scold a way, let Xiao south cloud immediately have some could not touch brains.

"Not just teacher you teach well."Forgot to smallly clap Ma Pi of Wu Tian Yi, let Wu Tian Xi's smiling face open, " these ten how many the handicraft fee for living can get hold of CNY 300, I tomorrow give the jade buy how many new clotheses?"

See the appearance that the gold is small to open to ponder, the card card adds really don't know he is just thinking what, however he inside the businessman's true colors but again emitted out and said with smile:"In fact also not is prohibit to go through, however need pass just ……at in the six greatest spaces, we circulate of unified currency BE'crystal currency', the price of pass is 100,000,000 crystal currencies.And, goes out and forbids back."

"Du boy, there of bewitching palace 3 people are a bit peculiar, I and wood the old ghost go over and have a look, you first etc.."Listenned to Chen Shi Bin's Nu speech, the Du flies to about to speak words and suddenly received the absolute being of the station of car Xuan to know summons, let he not from swallowed the words in to return to, the guess has there of bewitching palace 3 people took place what matter.

â–³Love oneself will make us more standing alone, the love other people will make us sooner happy.

"You does the sufficient Dan say 1 again?"At this time great white crane true person just full eyes fury ground toward the black tunic of in front male monk Chi way.

Impress coolly way:"The origin core of my clan has to want to hand in!"

The gold is small to open to take back his/her own consciousness, turn round as to it's he three humalities:"Outside now nobody, and very confusion, we at the right moment take this opportunity to mix to go out."

Chapter 9 four rank strength(up)

"Villa?"Small beautiful, suspiciously and again saw the eye Du fly and start to doubt about in the heart that he is to isn't a certain and low-key billionaire, then way, " I take to introduce volume for a while for you."Say to have fun and then by leap and bound run to counter.


"Going to the raging flames city can not necessarily find out us to want knowing news!"The Du flies to lightly return to sentence, then silently heads for a wine shop in the city.

"I immediately let the household deliver she!"See a rice space a council chairperson thus on saying, the Suo pulls Bo to know one green is to can not guarantee, endure heart in of don't give up, right away took out to contact a machine to contact household, was the rice space council chairperson's noodles bottom the order let to have already been kept under house arrest of the wave is green the halting of parliament delivering an alliance is a ground of star.

"Mine?"Six green just wide awoke from the joy opening a jadeite, be again flown thunder by the Du numbness.

Southeast Asian gold is triangle, the ground is placed in MD, T and Zhua the Three Kingdoms hand over boundary district, with the southern Zhao of Z country, hide two to save to border, is a well-known Ying Su to plant a region in the world, once had once, 60% or so drugs in the whole world all come from over here, formed the drug that the world is known for to produce a base.

Feeling of, a don't once say all pass by, another jade also knows at the male fatty pig week and that small Fang again there is no feelings to be talked, and the jade can't make the week good clever to be subjected to because of the affair like this at the male harmful.

"You treasure Dan Ge solid absolute being Dan, concentrate the stock of Dan, ground miracle drug and miracle drug in the sky to have how much?"Walk to that old man in front, the Du flies a milli- to Don't mention it ask a way.

No longer think more, the Du flies a luck to rise that to turn fire Jue, slowly work properly inside the body burning convert gradually work properly dint ……

"Hum."Smell speech six green also know she is a bit intemperate, then humed 1, didn't talk again.

In the marriage, don't throw love;In the love, don't throw oneself.

"?, Rightness."The gold is small to open should a , suddenly think of a matter, favour way:"Wait for a second!"

Suddenly, the Du flies once the at heart jump and rejoiced with wild joy ground to pick up a piece of original stone from the ground, left touch right after seeing, but strong endure don't pick the jadeite heart in, but the original stone that continues to probe surplus.


*I'm impressed, I must say. Really rlreay do I encounter a blog that's both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is outstanding; the issue is something that not enough people are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this.

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