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Appeared a great deal of gasification status, filled the air water fog for covering with.Although the power of blizzard is fastenned sorcery continuous depletion by the fire,the fire fastens sorcery at also equally drive the ice fasten sorcery consume.The sorcery of rose and jasmine was fastenned sorcery by Ping Yue Shan's breeze to borrow down, in spite of is only fasten sorcery or darkly fasten sorcery the power under the equal level all want to be bigger than breeze to fasten sorcery, much less Ping Yue Shan at this time with a to two.The breeze fastens sorcery in addition to attackstone the speed is quickly outside almost to have no advantage, theory attack the not equal to fire fasten and talk about to defendoof not equal to soil to fasten, theory tenacity not equal to water fasten, even if is so the breeze fasten sorcery remain the zhan has a place on the mainland, nature is have its original place.

"Monk?"Hear the Du fly talk, allow Ting a surprised.Wu Zhe on is a monk, this is what her husband Xiao Hui by chance say to leak a mouth to make her hear at a time, it is said that that the grandpa of Xiao Hui is a low rank monk.

Chapter 29 is very critical moment(medium)

"Take a rest, then we set out!"The fan whom the gold is small to open to looking at that cloud and mist in the distance receives of world, suddenly produced one in the heart silk excitement:"There is this Tu eldest brother protection, seeing the appearance has already hoped!"

Chapter 8 all-powerful absolute being tree(up)

"Expect a Si gram Wei Er the real estate of the household is worth of about GBP 1,000,000, " Mo steps doctor Mo says.

On the second day, receive in the thunder virtuous envy of in the look in the eyes, the Du flies to take the making of Louis Si card certificate and passed to cover with the sorcery knot outside the valley boundary, and then arrive at he half month ago go in of mountain wall.

The many people all hope this is in the world, can more people sincerely love their themselveses.In fact, here in the world should sincerely loving your person most is ourselves.Consider, if don't a person even love oneselfs, also hope other people to sincerely love him?Certainly, I say of love I isn't selfish, but say to sincerely love own life, own life, love oneself's each person, each scenery.Also want to sincerely love own destiny certainly, own regardless of how destiny is changeable.

The Du flew in those early years of so knew to fix a true affair, be that honest devil reveals of, thought to he should also know the gathering ground of some free monks, while the Du flew this to go to of the purpose is also this.

World hears jade shouted low 1 at the male and raised head and looked jade at the male, discover jade at male have nothing at all affair, also thinks jade at male the throat is uncomfortable, coughs 1.

Come to eye at their eyebrow of time, be frozen at the mysterious person in the ice column but produced uncanny variety!


Play the piano, the good elephant has no audience similar;Work, the good elephant doesn't need to be remunerated similar;Is on the hoof, the good elephant is that the judgment day is similar today;Love, the good elephant has never been subjected to

"Crystal currency?"Listen to car Xuan a station so on saying, the Du flew to immediately think of he in times before mention while saying to promote identity layer of crystal currency.

"Be free from any rule strength to control?……"The gold is small to open mumbling to oneself, sudden one silk clear Wu flash across at heart, whole body an earthquake, unbearable call way:"Is your meaning this thing to create absolute realm?!"

Once say special password after, pack into common desk clerk of war alliance pupil, fly Xin Ji's president of association and Du to lead last 3 F, above from the 3 F, is the real headquarters that fights an alliance, underneath all of the 2 F is Be cover up use.

"Thunder emperor?How can is him?"Sea the Si Be tiny wrinkly to knit the brows, again way:"What are your tasks ?"

Only, there is sudden change of fortune in the sky …… small open in the gold extremely proud of success of time, those rascal students in the class seek again up he.This a few times prepare youth for the underworld but dedication and offer carnal modern era rascal student, in the after school the son that the gold is small to open to block, push Sang to enter an alley in school.

"Fly one degree way friend, here of the matter let many elder favour live, rather we are another the amity looking for 1 ground, letting the I as way speaks so much other three greatly spread to fix the affair of coming together the ground?"See the Du fly to walk to the part to sit in silence, the bosom bamboo true person then orders toward many elders a , then walk to the Du to fly in front to say with smile.

The tooth that the gold is small to open to see have fire does backing for him, on grinding teeth, push away public walked to go out:"I have way to move out this thing, let me come."

"Is small to open an elder brother!Is small to open an elder brother!"Is a burst of to call a voice to imitate a Buddha from nine days outside spread, the gold is small to open at be fond of Mang in slowly open eyes, a good half-day just wide awake.

" Is really that I respond some excesssive?"The great white crane true person acrosses to be partial to bring up the rear, brocade spot true person not from crumpled to crumple cheeks, soliloquize ground to say in mouth, however he throws this silk viewpoint to a part and makes track for a true person of great white crane to leave to be partial to a palace later on.

Originally doing not hope can get an answer and had never thoughted suddenly a hoarse voice to spread out:"We are the persons of absolute being act."Talk of, is early unexpectedly a front ever and the gold was small to open, rice Mr. Zhu once traded of the mysterious person!


Sunshine big the leaf who looking at a weak abnormality sing breeze to say:"It is surprisingly you to unexpectedly don't hesitate a loss spirit to really counteract poison for this female kid.But you know this to resume capability for your time again, by so doing can be a dead end."The leaf sang breeze to difficultly pause for breath several next empresses to lightly say:"That how again?I am still that sentence, even if is my dead to also want to collapse your one mouthful a tooth.I want to make you know, ten square the mainland didn't Huai afraiding of death to grow."Finish saying behind the leaf sing a breeze luck to survive inside the body of true spirit, and quickly turn the true spirit hopes quickly of the instauration is some real strenght."Big the leaf who looking at one face unyielding color sings breeze also not from of give a deep sigh a way:"Like, really have backbone, then it sample help you."After finishing saying hands a clap a rattan chair to be like a male eagle get facing the leaf sing breeze to rush toward.

After finishing seeing, she smiled.After finishing smiling again worry at 1:00.Finally, she is to stay calm and collected a ground of pair of perfume satchel return to he, in write:Probably I am unqualified to be in love.After all we are still very small.

The jade lowers the head after the male saw Lin Mu Xue once asking he or she, also not know is just thinking what, also think that she really doesn't think with she in my activity, the jade sees at the male her along while have no words, the in the mind is also some Chuais Chuai of, this kind of affair after all wants both parties all would like to of, which afraid another square half yield all right, but if the other party refuses to submit, that also had no the necessity that carries on snowing.

Of one silk ten cents, make people can not believe!"

Expect to manage a point to nod after towarding gold Dan, the Du flies and then takes public follow him to adytum.On entering an adytum, discover two old men and a middle age text private, total three monks that dollar baby expects behind, positive as if deep in thought the ground conjecture him.

"That lazy guy!"Smell speech Xuan frost an unbearable Chen way, for jilt the Du that ignores a matter to fly, she really cans not figures out what phrase language to describe

"I ……" Xu Ting looking at Du to fly to sigh and excite ground to mean to say them not afraid bring trouble, but at the thought of at the beginning the Du fly to go to restaurant for him an owner to want thing there of Wei power, swallow words under go, she feared, she afraid they after leading long to pull the gratitude and grudge that flies into the Du the inside on the contrary will bring trouble him!

Old Lee flies big Ba Shang who send to the station of Du

"Aunt Zhao, I also not so many useless talks, directly say for you, you just also saw photograph, you and beginning beginning of the mother be really like, because this reason, uncle Sun discovers to you have a little good will, but he cans not distinguish because you long of be like the former wife that he dies to just have good will to you, or have good will to you, very early previous please me to hope that I could help to lead long red line, I once analyzed a lot of times for uncle Sun as well,all didn't know exactly is which, I finally say for owner, the owner's meaning is to let you the place for a while see, and the beginning harbours to also know this affair now, she also relatively expects you can make her of the second mother, now our all of the meaning is this, the meaning for seeing you."Jade at male the one breath directly said out all things.

"Invoke pretty a stone warrior!"Fail again!Continue to change!

Chapter 29 keeps in mind a bamboo true person


'I cannot answer that,'I said,' but there is something else I don' t understand.Why was the hound out on the moor tonight?Stapleton would not let it go out unless he thought Sir Henry was there.'

"I have no."The Du flies reasons to keep spirit strong, say very simply.In fact he has 1 to drive to shine on, however is the false certificate that is old black to give to do in the stone Chuang City.

Be flown by the Du a to shake, Han Qiu Ya slowly resumed intelligent and waited to see the Du fly near at at present, suddenly"" of one rushed toward into Du to fly a bosom to cry.

Sea Si Ya however way:"Did you guess?"

Be not blow of, several palms descend to clap the Wei fingerling Zi tooth mouth, repeatedly call Rao.

"Forget it!"Hear Xue Ling Jian's explanation, the Du flew to shake to shake a hand at will way, " is anyway an identity proof, what all the doesn't matter want ~only you not to be being vexed me to go!"

Be flown by the Du a to embrace each time, the together together graceful mood will grow better, so the problem that flies to the Du, she wanted to think answer way:"I stimulate last a night with the Dou spirit tonight, tomorrow morning should can be getting better."

That's right, is a reformation body.Science and technology civilization period in time immemorial, creating a body that doesn't have the soul is already an easy to accomplish affair, the mankind start pursuing higher change.Wanting the alternant first is the body of mankind's oneself.

The eye sees the other party stay back, Li Jun sings breeze also and quickly remits to match to arrive together with leaf.When 2 people remit to match an of time fiercely feel not to.Originally 2 people's one breath near the other party unexpectedly clear felling the other party, and is to combine to differ from a former and normal breath voice, the most terrible place is two people to unexpectedly feel the at present prospects completely sank into one pink, felt good along with two people of extending of pink in the sense of vision sank into flame generally, the sweat bead of big drop big drop continuously of from body of each part stayed, and that sweat bead as soon as body will quickly of evaporation, the air after evaporating unexpectedly takes to have the flavor that a son is sweet to get fed up with.The leaf, who sees have his face raddens all over, sings breeze and Li Jun Mei female to smile a way:"How?The taste of strong sun fan fog isn't pleasurable!As long as you withdraw this and take an oath a loyal to big the elder sister teach you how counteract poison, promise to let the your desire fairy desire die!You appreciate me when the time comes!"Finish saying and is a chain of long smile.

Just listenned to the wood old man exposed the identity of the station of car Xuan in the debt, the Du flies and then knows that the affair is far from good, lifts a leg to want to secretly slip away a moment, but suddenly hears car Xuan a station 1 explode to drink, the ability smiled to walked into.

Indeed as expected, the Jing a life time male spoke his meaning:"I see so, since the Du flew brothers to sign big achievement, that at the right moment, rise to allow him as the vice- hall of green Long Tang a lord, hand over to him to deal with this time all of green Long Tang Xin Duo's sites, everyone says how?"


Say to is the second floors here, in fact still keep belonging to hall.Because the 23th floors of guild and on connecting under the upstairs, these 2 Fs are everywhere like the buildings of movie theater, round of hallway, can occupy vantage point the scene that the ground sees the first floor hall inside.

Chapter 72 huge clam

The second day morning I told the scene that I see to Henry's jazz.

Make mean person today?Just gave offense to a Xiang madam, recently again the offense was deeply a little younger sister Shi, really unlucky.

"Also talk?"Butchering the big dragon is more shocked, immediately say with smile:"Have no courtesy?You see yourself, the root is an eyeball monster that grows wing!"

Once in a very long while novel download the net collection tidy up your body up only have the E sub- fragrance of flower-fully the Shu is quick-once in a very long while novel download net collection sorting

The pure Huang description just saw one silk from the look in the eyes that other a few squads grow after being over not satisfactory, however don't know at this time how of, he has already flown heart to save to be afraid to the Du and then shrinks to shrink neck, no longer speech.

"Host, the materials all finished refining."The fat boy had been beside watching at this time sees the Du flying to wake up and then coming forward to make collective report a way.

11:00 will close the door, however this is difficult don't pour Du to fly, one feet worked out a problem.

"Should try x-rated sorcery!"The Du after flying to try three second class sorceries over 1 time hereafter turns over one page again the sorcery personal letter and flew to still expect very much to the x-rated sorcery Du of, hoping don't be like second class sorcery so, recruit out a dog, one stub anthropophagi flower and a piece of megalith.

The Yun fire swallowed to go in belly!Imitating the Buddha is to get a powerful nourishing article similar, the flame on the ground the fire monster Jing body bombs however blasts open and turns moment again Ning to retract, however color from red turn white, obviously the power ascends 1 F floor more!



Drive six green green on asking, immediately fly Du to wake up with a start from the deliberation, return to absolute being to say with smile toward two females:"Drive green so on reminding, I still really thought of some things."

Can measure secret affliction with your company

The gold is small to open be said by him of saliva direct current, dark decide in the heart, even if this thing is again expensive, also want to buy to taste at 1:00 fresh.

"BE ah?The departure flies to just arrive to a capital city till now behind at noon, you keep on record quickly for I, be the I still is going to seek a place rest!See He Lin shocked in the full face, the Du flies to know he this is prejudiced of be unveiled a way have already gathered together an effect, thinking to later country Anne's department should nobody the him and that identity association of thought that Du fly was together.Happy remaining in heart, then and directly take out that certificate jade card to put last in the table.

"Hey Hey, " smells the speech Du fly once the Hey Hey smile and see a car wood two cups in the hands get empty bottom, then try to please ground to picked up the teapot adds a full way for 2 people, "be not still have two elder generations, even if drive Mo Chou Gu and others Yu Zu discover, as long as two elder generations appear, they still don't get darling ground to retract!"

The leaf sings breeze to pass by bright after fastenning the treatment of curing the teacher unwillingly stand to start to toward Li Jun Dao:"Is surprisingly you so severe, you can tell me now you why want to let me three recruit?"

The beverage comes up, that

World is a bit strange of looking at jade to say at the male:"The jade is total, are you very hot?I see your forehead seem to be all to have sweat, not I chase air condition temperature to open again a little bit lower?"

On entering a jade market, the Du flies and then feels that person's discharge suddenly enlarges, the Xi Xi Rang Rang, jostle each other in a crowd, is all that one face is excited, towards the original stone that store house sells of road both sides to review a shopper of theory foot everywhere.

Small male originally just, just came over from the Z country, small male respect the farmland was my cousin, bothered you to spread for a while!"Wei in the door that looking at that vigilance, the Du flies to directly say in English.


Beautiful!! It is funny what we remember and as we grew up our toriitdans changed. At first, when all the siblings were young(er) we sat and sang Christmas carols with the tree lit the night of Christmas Eve. Then, as we got older we stopped doing that. In our teenage years, I mostly remember hi-jinx, trying to sneak peeks at gifts, switching name tags on gifts silly stuff like that. Hopefully once our son gets older we will start some new toriitdans, as we don't have anything in place right now.

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