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Dorte H

The downside to blogging: all the temptations.

The good side: you can always find someone to blame ;)


Dorte - I blame the person who set the 2011 Global Reading Challenge!!!!


An example of the lethality of the mobile internet, which I have to resist for exactly this reason!


I was thrilled by the fish and chip shop moment. One minute I was sharing an essential moment of the English cultural experience, the next we were reading what I expect to be rather a good book!

What I can't explain is my expanding digital TBR list. If all I have to do is click and a book magically appears on my iPad why do I feel the need to buy a stockpile. Buying for the future makes sense in a bookshop - it may not be in stock next time. It nearly makes sense when buying a physical book online - free postage for larger Amazon orders, and the post takes a while, etc, etc. But an ebook TBR.... well, mmm.


I bought that Father Brown collection as well, can we all blame Maxine? ;O)

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