The Inky Path

  • Journalists appear in fiction in many guises and play many roles. Sometimes they provide central characters, often they intrude on the action, their attentions as unwelcome as they often are in real life. Scoop! gathers together these appearances under a variety of themes, some amusing, some trivial, some giving an insight into how the Press works and how it is seen to impact on our society. If you have favourite representations of journalists in European fiction or insights into ways they are portrayed, please email Scoop!

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Simon Collister

Another tough guy is the main character in John le Carre's 'The Honourable Schoolboy'. It's the second (I think) book in the Smiley trilogy. I can't remember the character's name but journalism is used as his cover for his activities in the Far-East.

He searches for scoops which would benefit his paper's foreign desk and HMG and uses a rather nice analogy that links journalism to spying. It goes along the lines of: both professions can spend weeks doing nothing of real importance or interest and then all of a sudden a 'story' breaks and all hell is let loose or a brief yet intense period and then it's all over again.

I've never been a journalist or a spy... but does that sound familiar?

Philip Young

Thanks, Simon. I am building an interesting 'to read' pile...


If you're reading this, you're all set, prdeanr!


- Auey, it's been so long since I ve seen you last, I think we both had newborns at the time! These oothps are BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish I had known you were up in the area, I would have loved to have seen you! We aren't far from Lincoln!


I love trying a new class .though yoga stmeoimes can be a little too silent and thought provoking for me. Congrats to you on getting in to something new!Hope you made it out of your chair!Visiting from Amanda's Weekend Reading Party!


I think that earlier girenateons of women often didn't think they had the right to follow their passion. They just assumed it was their duty in life to be good wives mothers. So pleased you've found your passion, Lanita!

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