The Inky Path

  • Journalists appear in fiction in many guises and play many roles. Sometimes they provide central characters, often they intrude on the action, their attentions as unwelcome as they often are in real life. Scoop! gathers together these appearances under a variety of themes, some amusing, some trivial, some giving an insight into how the Press works and how it is seen to impact on our society. If you have favourite representations of journalists in European fiction or insights into ways they are portrayed, please email Scoop!

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Simon Collister

Hi Philip

Just to let you know that after starting Scoop 5(ish) years ago and then losing it 30 pages in, your blog encouraged me to re-buy and re-read it.

Glad I did too... it's a great book!

Philip Young

Splendid - now try Exit or Ink!

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Scoop! Journalists in Fiction: The Scoop! meme nudges on

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