The Inky Path

  • Journalists appear in fiction in many guises and play many roles. Sometimes they provide central characters, often they intrude on the action, their attentions as unwelcome as they often are in real life. Scoop! gathers together these appearances under a variety of themes, some amusing, some trivial, some giving an insight into how the Press works and how it is seen to impact on our society. If you have favourite representations of journalists in European fiction or insights into ways they are portrayed, please email Scoop!

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I've been reading your blog for awhile - and quite enjoy it, given I am a journalist who reads a lot of fiction.

I've also got you linked to my book blog.

I suggest you branch out into non-British fiction - for instance, "My Brother Jack" by George Johnston (an old Australian classic), "The Shipping News" by E Annie Proulx and Michael Collins "The Keepers of Truth". And these are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head!

Philip Young

Thanks! For a number of reasons I made a conscious decision to limit the scope of Scoop! to Europe (initially, at least). I would be very happy to post any quotes, characters or - perhaps most usefully for my purposes - themes, that might occur to you. Future topics will include the working environment, women and the glass ceiling, what reporters wear, proprietors etc...

Thanks too for the links - I will be adding a list of Scoopers soon.

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