Mediations: Philip Young

  • Mediations comments on public relations theory and practice, with an emphasis on social media and communication ethics. Philip Young is project leader for NEMO: New Media, Modern Democracy at Campus Helsingborg, Lund University, Sweden. All views expressed here are personal and should not be seen as representing Lund University or any other organisation.

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    Congratulations Philip. Sunderland's loss is most definitely Lund's gain. And Lund is a lovely place, although can't remember much about Helsingborg as haven't been there since early 90s! The project sounds really interesting.

    Let me echo the personal congratulations - and endorse what you've done at Sunderland.

    I've been noting that your MA students in particular seem a special bunch.

    Hope we can enjoy an affordable beer before you go!

    Thanks, Richard! Hope to see you soon- otherwise I all open a savings account for when you next visit Malmö.

    As a student at Sunderland I'd like to thank Philip for all his hard work.

    This past year has been an absolute pleasure and I've enjoyed every moment of the MA course.

    Without doubt I wouldn't be in the position I am in today without all of Philip's encouragement and continued support.

    Thanks again Philip and best of luck in Sweden.

    Congratulations again Philip! The MA class already misses you. Hope to talk to you in Belgium, perhaps over a beer!

    Philip - well done and it sounds like a great opportunity. Look forward to reading more about it as the move nears.

    Congrats, Phil!

    Thanks, Stephen. Hope our paths cross again soon.

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