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  • Mediations comments on public relations theory and practice, with an emphasis on social media and communication ethics. Philip Young is project leader for NEMO: New Media, Modern Democracy at Campus Helsingborg, Lund University, Sweden. All views expressed here are personal and should not be seen as representing Lund University or any other organisation.

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    Great Post Philip.

    Curation adopts many forms and its areas of adoption are diverse: journalism, marketing, e-commerce, PR, business intelligence, etc.

    As trust may become scarce in a world where "it's not information overload but filter failure" (Shirky), curating the right information at the right time will be an important skill for those who work in the information and communication industries.

    What remains important is the ability to create arguments around the curated information for added value and hopefully, credibility.

    Rosenbaum also posits that "the job of curation is to synchronize a community" (page 113/Future of jounalism)in order to enrich the dialogs (or conversations). This is probably where the author gets closer to your own prefered framing as well.


    Patrice Leroux

    Thanks, Patrice - much appreciated. You are right to highlight the 'synchronisation' element ... which just happens to be the theme of a paper I am presenting to the Euprera 2011 Congress in Leeds in Sepember!

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