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  • Mediations comments on public relations theory and practice, with an emphasis on social media and communication ethics. Philip Young is project leader for NEMO: New Media, Modern Democracy at Campus Helsingborg, Lund University, Sweden. All views expressed here are personal and should not be seen as representing Lund University or any other organisation.

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    Thx for bringing this to my attention. I used to follow Stuart Brice's blog, (as he is based in the wonderfull city of Leeds, where I went to uni) but lost track of him a couple months ago.

    In my opinion, PR 2.0 is actually helping 'PR 1.0' to live up to it's scholar definition. It helps 'good' PR practitioners to do a 2-way communication and it forces 'bad' PR practitioners to do 2-way commnication. I can live with that :)

    I believe the phrase PR 2.0 is being used to to describe all the new tools available to the PR professional (blogs, micro blogs, social media sites,vblogs,...). It's a classification, why is everyone so caught up in the name. Your all marketers, so coining a term makes sense to me.

    PS: Web 2.0 was never in beta.

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