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  • Mediations comments on public relations theory and practice, with an emphasis on social media and communication ethics. Philip Young is project leader for NEMO: New Media, Modern Democracy at Campus Helsingborg, Lund University, Sweden. All views expressed here are personal and should not be seen as representing Lund University or any other organisation.

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    Either or is a sterile debate. All is better.
    So a press release that links to a wiki brief, on-subject serach engine URL, blog (s), podcast, listserve, web site etc, will offer a wide brief for commentators who can add their own contribution to the 'conversation' which might be (and often is) a newspaper article.

    The busy and wired PR can make life easy for the mediated and un-mediated media. It is a myth that journalists are lazy, they are just busy and helping them write a really rounded article will build a much stronger relationship.

    Messages need context and the more context we can provide the better.

    After spending 16 years in the job I don't go with the journalists are lazy myth, either - but I also understand the pressures brought by ever smaller staffs and ever thicker papers. This puts an even greater onus on the PR to provide full, accessible and accurate information.

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