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    The EuroBlog Social Media Awards are part of Euprera's EuroBlog project which has been investigating the impact of social media on PR practice since 2005


    The European Public Relations Education and Research Association (Euprera) is a network where the members attract, convey, disseminate and create innovations in Public Relations and communication. We are an autonomous organisation that aims at stimulating and promoting innovative knowledge and practices of public relations education and research in Europe. We have direct and intensive contacts with the most prominent practitioners of each country of Europe. Follow Euprera on Twitter. We are @euprera

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I had always wanted to learn about this topic ... I think it's great the way you expose .. great work and continuing on with this great blog

No offense, but if there's a facebook like button, it'll be much easier for me to share.

yek nafar ke ta'ajjob kardeh می‌گه:man iatarafna ziaad miyaam o har az chand gaahi ham hoseleh mikonam o 30ya30 haat ro ham mikhounam. kaari baa tahlil et nadaaram o kheyli ham az in chizza sar dar nemiyaaram. aslan bezaar bastani moun ro bokhorim!?! vali ye chizzzi in aakharesh gofti keh ye meghdaar baraaye man jaleb boud. ounjaaei keh neveshti rouye sokhan e man ba .!. man mikhaastam bedounam chand nafar az motor e resaaneh ei ye sonnati e amrica in weblog ro mikhounan keh shomaa rouye sokhan et baa ounhaass? faghat baraaye in keh aamaar dastam baasheh miporsam haa. ageh nah shakki nist keh ounhaa taa weblog e shomaa ro nakhounan sar rou baalesh nemizaaran. joun e daadaash shaki nashi haa.!. man doussss daram injaa ro; goftam keh kholaaseh bedouni

I was not a fan of the show. I think it was very nice for all three to fly down just for the show, but those last 30 minutes were the only remendieg factor of the show. I did not see the chemistry that I saw at the MTV Movie awards between Rob and Kristen and that could be because Taylor this time was right next to Kristen. You can tell they still don't want the cameras to capture any type of PDA whether just helping Kristen to the stage or even touching to be scrutinized as it has been all night, certain gestures that people thought "Oh Poor Rob". It looked like Rob was going to help Kristen out of her chair to accept the final award, but to me it looked like she did not notice he was going to assist her, I don't think she was aware of his gesture, IMO. Rob looked cute but not as good as he has in the past, I think Kristen looked sensational and Taylor was smartly dressed. I know Rob will look sensational at the Golden Globes. I wish I would have seen more dynamics between Rob and Kristen, but they were probably very tired from working all day and then flying down and then flying back to Louisiana. I will probably never see the PCAs again even if Rob and Kris are on, I can always get the vids after the show to see if anything wonderful happened in the show.

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