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Hi Philip and everyone.
Thank you for blogging about this. We are, of course very excited by what we can do.
This is a semantic representation and using the slider you can go back a full year.
Using different search syntax (and Philip to analyse content of a site put the search like this "" and for analysis of the inlinks - what Bruno called 'sphere of influence' try and you have guested it: We are able to see how the site represents itself, what people who have a direct interest in it are expressing and what the public in general has found significant.

These are values expressed and identified using latent semantic analysis and so are close to the values people attribute to the site/entity.

People form relationships because of shared values and sustain them in the same way.

If PR is about relationships and their management, this is a mightily helpful tool (especially when analysing 'conversations' such as blog discourse over time).

So I am looking for a PhD student who really wants to do some ground breaking research into how relationships are formed and sustained through discourse.

It would be a revolution in social science research.

Thanks Philip

This is a semantic counsel and using the slider you can go again a 12 months.We are able to see how the website symbolizes itself, what individuals who have a immediate attention in it are showing and what the community in common has discovered considerable.

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