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June 27, 2006


David Phillips

Off they all go... firing from the hip. Its all WoM and needs a good quality white wine to really appreciate the niceties of 'New Media'.

OK... here is the grumpy old man stuff.

There is nothing new about blogs, wiki's, RSS and social media. It has all been around for years. The effects are well known. We have strategies for management that are published in the academic books. Most of the issues people think they face for the first time are available in case study form in books that go back to the turn of the century.

N30, on November 30, 1999, when protesters blocked delegates' entrance to WTO meetings in Seattle, USA, was a notable event because it was managed, co-ordinated and promoted using 'Social Media'.

The headlines shrieked for the heads of the perpetrators from every continent.

It was a great PR coop using social media. It changed the World Trade Organisation and its constituent members.

Of course, now 'New Media' is fashionable for Prs, the really great practitioners don't wear flowers, they wear pinstripes. They don't do blue smoke, they do champaign and above all else they 'do Social Media'. If you believe that...........

Some of the technologies have seen a little tweak in the intervening six years and there is a migration from Usenet to blogs, but most of 'New Media', and our experience of it, is no more than you would expect by way of evolution over five years.

If this is new and exciting – where has the PR industry been? Yup, you got it - they have all been to paintballing team building days to lever up their 'shoot from the hip' skills.

Of course, students now starting their first PR job have been readied for the REAL world with courses about Internet mediated PR. If not, what have the institutions that offer the imprimatur of 'recognised course' such as the DOE and CIPR been doing? They surely live in the REAL world and are quite beyond supping wine and paintballing.

Or do I see things through MUD coloured spectacles?


I stumbled upon this site as I was in the process of doing some online research. You made many good points in this age of fast-paced media change.

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