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    Welcome to the web log of Behind the Spin, the magazine for and written by Public Relations students. Behind the Spin was first produced by students from the College of St Mark and St John, Plymouth, but was quickly opened to students, practitioners and academics across the UK. The print magazine is published three times a year, the blog will updated every Monday. Please send articles for consideration to Editor John Hitchins (you can comment any item by clicking Comment at the bottom of each post).

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June 27, 2006


Paull Young

This is a great article, thanks for sharing it.

I just thought I'd point out that the hyperlink for Forward is missing .com at the end.

The URL should be



Yes, I agree to all points said. These days, PR's role online is fast changing. And I guess that the more communication is getting complicated and modernized, the more there is need for public relations.

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