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June 26, 2006


Heather Smith

Fantastic article Will. As someone who has to endure the smirks and 'clever' comments of the misguided individuals who ask me what I am studying, I'm thinking of making a couple of copies to keep with me!

Megan Rylands

just to let you know i completely agree with your argument and i believe it is important that those people who do not actually do media studies know the amount of work that we as students have to put into the course and it is not just a "mickey mouse degree" it is as valuble as any other.

Denesia- graduate career search

This is the same scorn some undergrads face when they say they are a "Liberal Arts Major." Some people think that it is a wasted degree for undecided majors.

While it may be true that many liberal arts majors are undecided about the career path they want to take, the degree allows them to study a vast number of subjects that others in a pre-definded major may not. Its the whole idea of being a "Jack of all trades and Master of none." As far as a degree in media studies, I think that when you begin your graduate careers you quickly learn that those in your industy understand and respect the fact that you specialized in this particular area.

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