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October 16, 2005


Marie Lanier

I enjoyed reading this article very much. I am graduating with my PR degree in May and will begin earnestly job hunting next semester.

It can seem overwhelming trying to figure out exactly what employers are looking for during the interviewing process, as well as trying to pinpoint how you (as an interviewee) can separate yourself from the competition. What can I offer that someone with more experience may not be able to? Sure, my grades are good, I have internship experience, classroom hands-on activities and even PRCA project experience, but at the same time, I cringe when thinking about how I would answer certain interview questions--like what is my weakness and what is my strength.

You made me think of some personality traits that I have and that I need to work on. I read a blog post last week on about competence, character and commitment being the cornerstone of selecting and recruiting talent.

Attitude, enthusiasm and persistence are also very important. I think that as an interviewee, I must show my enthusiasm for PR--after all, I have no reason not to be ready to take on the world! Persistence is key to finding and acquiring a job. And my attitude will allow me to show them who I am, and about my competence, commitment and character. Attitude can be seen so quickly in first impressions.

Again, thanks for posting Amanda Barry's article!

Richard Bailey

Good luck, Marie. You're very articulate (in writing). If you can match that face to face in an interview - and you have the skills and experience you describe - then I predict you'll get off to a flying start.

Cara Fletcher

I think these are the three steps to employment.If you want to get a good job you should keep these in mind because I am sure they will help you a lot.

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