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October 14, 2005


Richard Bailey

I don't think public relations is easy, either. (Yet it's my job to try to break it down into manageable chunks for students.)

Just consider the current question about David Cameron and drug taking. What should he say; what mustn't he say? I think his evasive refusal to give a direct answer is the right approach to this question, in this case.

Philip Young

Nor do I think PR is easy - which is why I would like to hear a little more of why you think 'No comment' is the best way forward for David Cameron.

Philip Young

To answer my own comment, Richard makes his case well on his PR Studies blog -

But I still don't agree with him - or indeed with Michael Portillo, who draws on bitter experience to make a similar argument! I think that in most, if not all, such cases, the truth will out so there is a pragmatic justification for giving a straight answer but I would also like to believe there is a case for honesty and openness in politics. My only reservations would come if such honesty led to my becoming leader of the Tory party...

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